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Justin Williams - Film Editor


Justin came onto our team at the last possible moment. Recommended from veteran editor Life Garland, Justin came onboard passionately and hit the ground running. Justin is one of those cool, collect cats that thinks everything out. He’s smart with his words and even smarter with his moves, and that shows in his speed and contributions on editing @theloveeffectfilm.

As Tyler would say, “He’s on to it, dude...” And we have to agree. 😎

From several nights working on the cut in the wee late night, to doing the rigorous, often arduous technical work that goes into edit a film from beginning to end. Justin is a person we love to work with and get to see.

Hence why I left leaving his house last night now as we now finish mastering THE LOVE EFFECT for Blu-Rays and DVDs! Go J Willi!

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