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The Love Effect Program.  

We've created a one-of-a-kind adult and youth program that interactively discusses themes of depression, suicide and LOVE in a unique, sensitive and educational way.


Using our highly acclaimed short film, THE LOVE EFFECT.  We offer our presentation to schools in classrooms, seminars and private groups where participants can watch our 30 minute cinematic film, then discuss and interact with the filmmakers after.

Our approach is to engage and interact through use of cinema, analysis and unique discussion. This includes question and answering and“lead learning out” instruction, a variation of “the socratic method” with the filmmakers, who guide the discussion to educational discoveries on these themes.

The goal is to create a meaningful and memorable experience that provides engaging discussions and positive education on mental health and love. Finally after demonstrating our program and message, we identify further mental health resources such as MENTAL HEALTH AMERICA's digital toolkit, website and other extracurricular activities to share with others.

Part of our approach is being mindful to the feeling of “preachiness” or “lecturing” in our audience presentations. We want it to feel like a dialogue. We want to leave you and the room informed, connected and inspired.​


You can contact us for more details.  We'll have a discussion on your groups' needs.

Screen, Discuss, Inspire.

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